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At sitag, we see projects from a different angle. We see projects from a global perspective, so that from the very outset we take account of its execution and the difficulties associated with each design option.

We firmly believe that architecture should serve mankind, not the reverse. For this reason, although we are committed to being at the cutting edge, we place our priority on the usefulness, convenience and feasibility of the idea… because we understand that architecture is there to provide solutions, not to create new problems.

Architecture outsourcing

Outsourcing the company’s architectural division is a good option for optimizing resources and receiving the support of a first-rate team with many years of experience

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Design drafting

sitag carries out global architecture, design, urban planning and construction projects, in all their phases: preliminary drawings, basic design, final design, and so on

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Construction management

sitag is fully aware of the importance of the construction phase. Over the years, we have directed our forces to ensure that it goes through without any problems

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Technical support

Expert reports, construction details, detailed studies, acoustic studies and more: the outsourcing of architectural services does not always have to be a global solution

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Development planning

sitag has countless urban actions to its name. Ranging from partial plans and interior remodelling plans all the way to special plans and subdivision plans

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