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Every corporate project depends to a large extent on its people and, at sitag, we can proudly boast that we have the best possible group of people on our team. A large team of first-rate professionals who have been with us over the years and without whose contributions and expertise we would not have been able to enter the market with the guarantee and the security that a sitag project is a project that fulfils a real project.

Our architects are José Luis Morales Martín, Sonia Calvo and Virginia Fernández García, while the quantity surveyors who support our work are Javier Corrochano Casares, Antonio Pandelo Fuentes, Elsa Valdés Rodríguez, Ida Álvarez Domínguez, Héctor Rozas Liñares, Iago Alborés Puig and Miguel Castro Calvo. Ismael López Calvo and Begoña Fernández Rodríguez are our engineering specialists, with Luis Ramos Reboredo, Pilar López Currás and Amil Díaz Rey in technical drawing, Patricia Gallego Pazos in computer graphics and photogrammetry, and Luz Suárez Puga, Rosa Rodríguez Sánchez and David Rey Otero as our administrative and secretarial staff.

These are our people, the people who make sitag what it is, each and sitag every day.